Hanging baskets

Today I finally got the chance to put out my hanging baskets. I absolutely love hanging baskets and probably have about a hundred of them.

Most are plants I have propagated myself, such as spider plants, which are probably the easiest plants to grow and one of the best plants for hanging baskets. They like a shady to partly shady location, and are also very drought tolerant, which is important, because hanging baskets tend to dry out quickly.

Sometimes people will have a hanging basket or two by their front porch, or maybe on their back patio. I have taken decorating with hanging baskets to the extreme, and have them hanging everywhere from numerous hooks nailed and screwed to every possible surface I could

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Shopping for healthy plants

Lately, local garden centers have just been absolutely overflowing with new plants.

With Florida’s low prices on plants, it is very easy to give into the temptation and start filling up a shopping cart. But there are several things you need to know before you go crazy buying plants.

How you tell a good plant from a bad plant? How can you tell a healthy plant from an unhealthy plant? Well basically you just have to pay close attention. Look at the plant from top to

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Spring in Florida

Spring has finally arrived. Thank God. Even though we are so fortunate to have such short winters, I am always happy when they are over.
It’s a wonderful time of the year, a time for renewal and rebirth. Our recent rains have turned everything a beautiful emerald green. I almost feel like I am in

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Landscape inventory

Spring is a time of new birth, when everything comes back to life. It is also a good time to take a few moments to pause and really study your landscaping and see what you can do it give it some life as well.

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