Curb appeal

Curb appeal, a term often used by realtors to describe whether or not a home is attractive, is something many of us can achieve but simply changing our landscaping.

It doesn’t take a team of designers, such as they use of the popular television show of the same name, to make a transformation. Adding curb appeal to your home is something everyone can do and it can also be

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Gardening by the Sea

The wind is blowing strong and steady at 25 miles per hour. Seas are rough and choppy, tides are high. The rain comes in bands, sometimes lasting for days and dumping inches at a time. Welcome to Florida in the fall.

During the height of hurricane season, storms off the ocean are many. Northeasters follow, pounding the coastline and putting on a show of mother nature’s fury.

Plants on the beachside get hit pretty hard, and in the end, only the strong

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